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Tikina Charitable Foundation - Projects

Indigenous Arts, Crafts & Garments

To create entrepreneurship by providing required machinery / tools and training for indigenous women for making their arts, crafts and garments both for domestic and export market.

Senior Citizen's Home Restoration

Many Senior Citizen's homes in the developing countries have been established lately due to domestic and international migration of youngsters and by not having financial resources to maintain elderly people by themselves. Also these homes are hardly funded under any government programs. Therefore, buildings are lacking proper maintenance, amenities and equipment. We intent to raise funds and assist such organizations to maintain the building for adequate living conditions.

Solid Waste Management

At Tikina, we have developed Community based Solid Waste Management system which is urgently required both for sanitation and Climate Change Adaptation. Communities / villages are lacking finance to purchase containers and other equipment to segregate solid waste and keep it ready for recycling. Our program includes educating people, provide them necessary training and equipment at the village level. Also train them to make compost for using it on farm for organic farming.

Yoga for healthy living

YOGA FOR SENIORS ( 55 PLUS) Yoga is practiced by all age groups but it is more significant to adopt and practice at the age of 55 Plus. There are mainly four reasons: (1) Physically body requires more attention and care due to wear and tear of muscles and joints. Due to hormonal changes and ageing process, people get depressed when they cannot accept reality . (2) Socially, it is time to serve our own society and community who has helped us in our young age. (3) Mentally, people feel isolated when children are grown up and busy in their own life, affairs and work, so one needs group support from friends and community. Spiritually, its time to start the internal journey to know own self better, which we normally miss in performing other overall duties as a householder. Yoga science offers various paths and different techniques which one can choose or select as per own interest, capacity and physical conditions

Yoga for healthy living

YOGA FOR CHILDREN Children’s yoga is taught as per their age, so they are divided into three groups; age 4 to 7, 8 to 12 and 13 to 17. As children are in growing age, yoga techniques should be taught and practiced as per their physical and mental growth. Many yoga postures are directly affecting the endocrine glands, so such postures should be avoided as it can hamper secretion of hormones for the normal physical growth of children. All yoga techniques are taught which helps them in their full physical and mental growth. Certain disease or illness are transmitted genetically in such cases yoga techniques are practiced as a preventive measures

Free Educate and Empower Girls

Tikina will work with girls to transcend poverty, HIV/AIDS, and gender-based violence. We do this by creating environments that produce exceptional young women who drive change in their communities. We will build self-esteem provide education and knowledge,and produce academic high achievers. Research from across the developing world shows that investing in the freedom, education and empowerment of girls is the most effective way to improve the quality of life for everyone in a community.

Other Projects

After studying local conditions we will prepare custom made plan to meet with their requirements for poverty alleviation.


1) Women : - This project will help women who are living below poverty line (BPL). Training would be provided in the area of goat farming, organic manure, dairy, stitching, art of handicraft etc, for increasing their self-confidence level, livelihood growth and empowerment.
2) Education For Every Child :- This project will provide educational stuffs (uniform, school fees, books, sweater, notebooks,pen, pencil, stationary, etc.) to underprivileged poor students of rural regions so that they will be able to develop their educational standard. Due to the pathetic conditions of deprived families, their guardians are not able to afford their school spending. This project will help the marginalized children to get better opportunities to be educated and to contribute in the development of society.
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