Tikina NGO Canada Inc., is a Federally Incorporated NGO under Canada Not-For-Profit Corporation Act, Corporation Number: 1094589-7 under the leadership of Ms. Sunita Singh. Tikina’s management includes experienced and educated trustees, expert advisors and consultants in related fields of sustainable development and women empowerment. At Tikina we firmly believe in gender equality, Zero percent tolerance against political, social and legal corruption, human rights violation and domestic violence against women & children. Our core value is multiculturalism, humanity, poverty eradication and Climate Change Adaptation.


Ms. Sunita Singh

Ms Sunita Singh was born and raised in the Paradise Island of Fiji. She is residing in Canada for the last 35 years and has been involved in travel industry for over two decades and is well travelled globally, including the developing countries and the Islands where she has seen first hand the plight of social injustice poverty and the lack of ecological and environmental programs aimed to improving quality of life and environment.
Ms Singh has started Tikina NGO Canada Inc. to make her dream come true. Her desire to help others, her positive attitude, and her managerial expertise continuously inspired her passion for doing something for others and to be a part of the solution for global warming, in uplifting of spirits of those who deserve to live and experience life in a positive manner by educating women for gender equality, creating entrepreneurship through sustainable development and protect the environment.
Ms Singh has been helping her community and is associated with NGO’s in the developing countries to implement community based and microfinance projects.

Mr. Arjun Sawhney

Mr Sawhney is a graduate with honour in Business Administration and major in Accounting.
He is a Businessman having business interest in a group of companies in travel, e commerce,
Procurement and premium coffee.
Mr Sawhney has been very active in his community and has done social work with local provincial party in developing youth entrepreneurship programs.


Ms. Annie Kashamura Zawadi

Ms. Annie KashamuraZawadi is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is a Survivor of domestic violence, a Gender-Based Violence and Gender Equality Specialist, a Women’s Rights advocate, a writer, a speaker, a coach, and an international panelist.
Annie brings 10 years of executive management and 10 years in international Development. She has worked in the DR Congo, Ghana, Togo, Canada, France, Tanzania and eSwatini developing, monitoring, and evaluating multi-sectorial and multi-countries partnerships and programs and supervising international volunteers for women’s Rights NGOs and ministries. Currently she is the Director of Invictus Equality and Chair of IGDD Congo.
Ms. Kashamura holds a Specialist Degree in Gender & Women’s Studies and a degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto plus a diploma in Adult Education and Training from Seneca College and a Conflict Resolution and Mediation from York University. Her thesis on violence against women vs. capitalism in the war against the Congo won the best paper on women’s issues in the Global South award and is taught in the Gender and Neo-liberalism course at the University of Toronto.
Ms. Kashamura uses her writing and public speaking engagements to reach out to the general public and policy makers and for the ultimately a shift in mindset towards a world free of all forms of inequalities and violence. Her books “I Can Testify” and “Je PeuxTémoigner” are used as counselling tool in different countries. Her work has been recognized by different Awards.
Dr. Anju Nair is a respected and top performing professional who raises the bar of client-focused service, supported by a Ph.D. in Zoology with specialization in Neuroendocrinology along with 5 years’ experience as a Disability Adjudicator with Ontario Public Service. She is a visionary change agent with a consistent record of transforming challenges into opportunities.
Dr. Anju Nair is originally from India, lived in Chicago for 5 years before moving to Toronto, Canada in 2010. She is a mother to a beautiful daughter and a toy Yorkshire terrier. She enjoys painting, cooking and good poetry.

Dr. Anju Nair

Negin M. Khorasanisa

Negin M. Khorasanisa social entrepreneur, activist,author, and the co-founder of Be 8nfinite. She is a trainer, facilitator, and community education & engagement coordinator with Heartfulness Institute and has been involved as a facilitator and coordinator in IHTP, an annual scholarship training program that takes place in India. She is a community advisor with the New Earth Estate, Joy City Art Nexus, a member of The Board of Advisors at Tikina NGO Canada, a member of The Board of Directors in Brock Community Health Centre, Brock Public Library, and Reach one-Touch one Canada. She is a professional mentor and coach with TRIEC mentoring program and also a Jane’s Walk City Organizer for Brock Township. She has a Master’s degree in architecture and is continuing her studies in the doctorate of psychology. Negin personally enjoys creative expressions such as poetry, painting, photography and video art and rejoices in helping individuals and groups to get in touch with their inner being, meanings, wisdom, power, talents, and to discover their best ways of expression, their most effective roles in the society and the world and to expand their consciousness. She considers training and guiding people in self-discovery her life purpose and this is what Be 8nfinite is on a mission to. Neginis always open and enthusiastic about expanding her contribution to community thriving and wellbeing.
Ms. Geetanjali Anauth is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT] working for the last 15 years. She has been helping her clients to manage their health and providing advice for better health. Ms. Anauth is very passionate about her profession and enjoys to help her clients. Her clients hail from all walks of life and focuses especially on athletes, people with injuries and post and pre-natal massage.
Ms. Anauth is also a certified Yoga teacher and has constantly been improving her yoga skills by following courses in India. She is also a certified Reiki Master.
Ms. Anauth was born in Fiji and now lives in Toronto for the last 18 years.

Ms. Geetanjali Anauth

Ms. Sneh Lata Singh

Ms. Sneh Lata Singh Completed placements with Immigration Women’s Speak out Association dealing with Domestic Violence Issues amongst the migrant women. Did a small project on Women facing DV amongst the Indian and Islander background and got funding to address the issues within this group. She is working for Department of Human Services Australia for over 28 years. Ms. Singh is passionate about issues facing our women today. It can be very challenging and threatening due to compete in priorities placed on our women today. Ms. Singh is looking forward to working with our group and aim to look at the issues and provide assistance to empower women.
Mr. Jagdish Punja is Managing Director of J Punja NZ Limited, a successful businessman based in New Zealand also has a link with Punja Group of Companies in Fiji Islands. His passion for music has inspired him to do charitable work through his musical concerts. He has performed with many artists to help raise funds for needy Schools in Fiji, Golden Age home in Lautoka, Fiji Islands and many religious, sporting and community groups.

Mr. Jagdish Punja

Mr. Bhas Karan

Mr. Bhas Karan is originally from Lautoka Fiji Islands, he graduated from Natabua High School and University of South Pacific and he started working at Fiji Electricity Authority Special Projects Division in Monasavu and Armstrong and Springhill (Fiji) Ltd.
Mr. Karan is currently residing in Calgary Canada and actively involved with the Fijian community.
He is ex-secretary of the Fiji Soccer Association of Calgary and Soccer coach with PSA soccer of Calgary which involved primary and high school youths.
Mr. Karan enjoys helping senior citizens assisting in their government correspondences and paperwork.


Mr. Lalin Bilimoria

Mr. Lalin Bilimoria is well known artist from Fiji Islands and currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
He is an active member in the community and is very much involved with the Senior Citizens here in Toronto Canada. Through his musical shows and creative Craft Projects in Leather Industries he has raised funds for the community.
In 1986 he was the Guest Artist for the largest musical program for the Cyclone Relief victims and raised funds organized by Melody Makers and was the best performer in Tui Ravai Band in the Lauda-Bay Soccer stadium in Suva, Fiji islands.
Mr Bilimoria has been very passionate about helping the community and he received donations from local and International Companies during Hurricane and Cyclone seasons in the Fiji Islands. He arranged a group of volunteers and distributed First aid kits, clean water, food and provided hygienic education in the rural villages.